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Hi, I have a question about self pleasure. As a guy, I am finding it hard to be creative and try new things. Have you ever thought of making a guide to sexual positions for masturbation? It would be fun to hear any advice!

Hey, a guide to different positions while masturbating is a really good idea. I'll make sure to publish one soon :) I don't know if you are subscribed to my OnlyFans.. But there I already help men and women to explore masturbation in various ways. I include different techniques from tantra and yoga or invite my fans to explore different BDSM techniques such as CEI or foot fetish.. I even have content on how to learn to retain your ejaculation or practice abstaining from masturbation completely. So, there is a lot to explore.

Hi Roxy, this probably isn't common for a woman to ask, but I find that I orgasm very very quickly! What advice can you give for a woman to be able to have better retention?

Hey, I have the same problem. I come extremely fast, and after a few times, I am just done and don't want to continue. The thing that helped me is focusing on the breath and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. That still requires discipline. Another way would be to give your partner verbal clues that you are about to orgasm and specifically ask them to stop/slow down (you could use the numbers 1 to 10, with 10 being the orgasm, and by 7, they need to slow down or stop).

Hi, I am really keen to do anal. I have never done this before and am quite nervous about being 'too small' there. What advice can you give to newbies? x

Hey, I'll be honest with you. I'm not a big fan of anal myself. I explored it quite a bit when I was younger (between the ages of 16 and 21), nd I even enjoyed it sometimes back then. However, I was always extremely drunk and high during those moments.

Later, as I started having more sober and conscious sex, it didn't feel right anymore. It became painful and definitely didn't bring me satisfaction. The last time I've tried my buthall even tore so after this I think I'm done with anal forever. But I can give you some tips anyway. But I can give you some tips anyway:

1. Make sure that you're really relaxed and warm up the butthole through massage, licking, toys, or a butt plug...

2. Use as much lube or oil as possible.

3. Make sure you do it because you want to do it and you are excited about it (not because someone else is asking you). If the penis is too big, don't ;)

I am 23, and I don’t really watch porn, masturbate, or have sex a lot… my penis for some reason in the past few months has been getting hard quite a bit more than usual and I just have this craving for sex, even though I haven’t had any for about a year now…

Hey :) What you're going through sounds absolutely normal to me to be honest. You are young and have a healthy sex drive! I think it's healthy that you don't watch porn or masturbate too much - I do know a few men your age that direct their energy to other things than porn and ejaculating and they seem pretty successful, clear minded and driven. But your body is simply also telling you, that you do need to focus a little more on its pleasure. Maybe you have increased your testosterone recently or maybe it's just time for you to go out and get some intimacy and love. Either way, this is your time to explore sex and masturbation a little, get to know your body, get to know others and become a great lover. Maybe even go on some really fun and exciting adventures along the way!

What would be your advice to a 27 year old guy with approach anxiety?

I would absolutely recommend starting a (daily) and consistent yoga practice. Find out which yoga approach is right for you, it might be ashtanga yoga or a more slow and tranquil practice like haha yoga or even meditation. You will slowly gain control over your mind and thoughts! But besides that, I'd also Strat doing things that make you confident, experienced. So that different situations and unforeseen events don't throw you out of balance! Go travelling, as much as possible. You will meet different people and cultures, gain different perspectives to life and learn so much! Do some physical that makes you strong and confident like martial arts, weight lifting or surfing. Find out what you like! And even if you dont like it at the beginning, stick to it until you are so good that you are proud of yourself.

Hi. Love your page. I have a wife who is very hot and cold on sex. We are having more maintenance sex than ever, do you have any advice on how we spice it up? She is quite reluctant to try new positions etc. thanks in advance!

Hey! Have you already spoken to her about this topic? It's super important that she knows that something is wrong and you discuss the options and solutions together. Maybe she doesn't know that you are secretly suffering from this - I think many couples have this problem and many men are silent about it while the women aren't even aware. Aren't even aware that their marriage might be at stake. To be honest, I don't think using a different position or sex toy will change how she feels about you or bring your passion back. There are two reasons why people loose interest in having sex with their partners and both are completely normal after some times of being together. Firstly, they might not feel sexy and confident within their body anymore. That often happens with women I would say. And if that is the case for your wife, have a look at my "How to feel more sexy and confident" Tutorial for women. I mention how dancing, exercise and even yoga can bring that feeling of feeling sexy and confident back. The other reason is that there is a disconnection between the two of you. It's normal that you dont feel so attracted to one another anymore, novelty is gone and with that passion and desire disappears. Unless there is a strong feeling of love and wanting to be close and intimate. The feeling like "that is my soulmate" - and that will then lead to the two of you wanting to be as close as possible. So to create more love and connectedness, I really recommend going to a tantra retreat, going on an adventurous holiday and even couples therapy together. Deciding once more - consciously - that you guys want to be together. Want to make it work and focus on your love for each other. Not just live operate lives next to each other. need to talk to her about this and see how she feels about it. Is she willing to out the effort in or not? Could it have to do with her own insecurities or is it rather the lack of feeling close, connected and love for each other ?