Why sex?

I believe sex is one of the most powerful, intimate and raw ways to explore one’s psyche, human nature in general, and the structure and play between the two forces of creation that exist in this world.

When you start exploring sex in a conscious way you shall find out that far more than your body strips down completely naked. You present your truest and most vulnerable self to another person, or other people – your body representative of your complex mind.

The way I have sex, it makes me step out of my comfort zone, explore new experiences and reflect upon them with all the knowledge I’ve gained through life experiences and studying different ancient philosophies.

Sex, being the most creative force that exists, makes me become creative. It evokes a spark in me that creates a fire of questions about psychology and philosophy and eventually, the strong desire to share the answers I have found – here, with you. Whatever energy leads you, you can use it in productive and creative ways, and you should.

Sex has always been an important part of my life. The play between the two sexes or between same sexes gives me joy. It gives me life energy and guides me through most moments of my day. And I indulge in it. This is probably what separates me from most other women. That play is always happening but engaging in it can bring you face to face with your deepest fears and insecurities, as well as the destructive power they possess. This is one reason why so many people, particularly women, don’t choose to explore but hide instead.

I’ve gone through my own process and journey. For many years I condemned my own sexuality and sex appeal as it had caused me great suffering for a long time. For years, I masked my femininity and put myself through hard physical work (or you could call it abuse) like weight lifting and boxing. I wanted to become more masculine and less vulnerable but instead it led to honest and real self reflection. I finally understood something integral. Confidence and self acceptance are the answer to my own sexual aura.

Most likely that toughening up through physical work (and perhaps all the extra testosterone my body started producing) has also led to that exact confidence. Maturing through age has helped a great deal of course. Hiding or shaming my body because of its effect on men would only make me feel small. Besides that, it gives power to those who seek to abuse me. So I decided to take that power back. I decided to celebrate myself. To celebrate that I was a woman. An attractive woman. I started playing and experimenting with my feminine sexuality and along the way learned quite a few more things about myself, women and men.