Staying on the scene like a squirt machine

Let Me Start By Dedicating This Article To The One And Only Mr. Fihosy For Initiating A Beautiful New Chapter Of My Life And Giving Me The Best Sex I Have Had Until This Very Day, Even Though Recent Experiences Have “Cum” Very Close To It.

Unfortunately He Is One Of Many Ex’s That Don’t Speak To Me Anymore Which Might Be Due To My Abrupt Change Of Nature And My Unforeseen Decision To End A Sweet Relationship After We Have Just Spoken About Our Fairytale LSD Induced Unicorn Wedding. He Was One Of Many To Suffer The Same Fate. But He Wasn’t My Intergalactic, Creative, Successful And Polyamorous Future Husband So I Had No Choice.

It All Started Last Summer When I Fell Head Over Heels In Lust With This Beautiful, Beautifully Fragrant, And Beautifully Mesmerising, Or Maybe Manipulating Man. We Met At A Festival, High On Drugs And High On Life And Both Ready For An Intense Romance Set In The Wild Nature During One Of Those Really Hot Summer Days. It Might Have Been Because All Of These Outer Circumstances Or Because I Had Matured Sexually And Started Loving, Accepting, And Most Importantly, KNOWING My Body That I Started Squirting Again.

I’d Squirted Twice Before In My Life. The First Was When I Was 17 And Had Sex With The Soon-To-Become First Boyfriend And To This Very Day Love Of My Life. Back Then I Had No Idea Why The Whole Sheet Was Soaked In Something That Clearly Came Out Of My Vagina. In Shock And VERY Embarrassed, I Tried To Hide It From This Guy, Let’s Call Him Valentin (Because That’s His Name) But He Had Noticed It And So Did The 4 Other People In The Room. Young, Dumb And Full Of Cum – ME Included!!!

The Next Man To Switch The Fountain Of Pleasure On Was Someone I Met On That Remote Beach, Called “The Bay” On Koh Phangan, Thailand.

He Was A Well Known Player And Known For Making Girls Squirt. There Was No Heart Connection And Just Enough Physical Attraction For Us To Have A Good And Uncomplicated Time Together. It Must Be Noted Though, That He Had Learned The Art Of Fingering And That’s How I Squirted – Not Through Intercourse. Which Was Why I Was So Surprised When Mr. F. Made Me Wet My Bed, My Sofa, The Mattress In The Back Of My Truck, His Bed, The Kitchen Floor, The Bathtub And Various Other Locations Like My Life Was Dependent On Marking My Territory Through Sex, With His Dick!!!!

So This Is How I Started Studying The Art Of Squirting, The Big Mystery, And I Found Some Answers:

1. The Basics

The Woman’s G-Spot Has To Be Stimulated Quite Vigorously For A Short Amount Of Time (About A Minute Or Less In My Case) And It Has To Be Hit At An Angle As Close To Perpendicular As Possible. This Can Be Easily Achieved Through Fingering. One Curls The Fingers And Pushes The Fingertips Against The Front Side Of The Vagina Towards The Pubic Bone. As The Movement Has To Be Quite Strong It Is Totally Acceptable To Move The Whole Lower Part Of The Woman’s Body Up And Down. It Might Seem Scary, But Guys: Don’t Be, You Will Not Hurt Us You Will Give Us The Greatest Pleasure Imaginable. Every Woman’s G-Spot Lies At A Different Depth So Find Out (By Asking Of Course) Where The Right Spot Is. When This Area Is Stimulated It Feels A Bit Tingly/Itchy/Good But Different, Weird But Good.

2. Squirting During Intercourse

This Is A Little Bit More Difficult But Definitely Achievable With All Sizes And Shapes – But There Are Different Ideal Positions For Differently Curved Penises.

If You Have Forgotten All Of Your 4th Grade Knowledge Of Geometry, Look It Up Because This Is Important Now: I Said Perpendicular Angle So It All Depends On The Sex Position. I’ve Found The Easiest Way To Achieve This Is For Me To Be On Top And Just Move My Pelvis Back And Forth. NOT Up And Down. This Position Is Also Recommendable For Small Sizes! If The Penis Has No Upward Curve At All Or Even Curves Downward Slightly – I (Or You Should You Be So Inclined) Have To Lean Back And Do The Same Pelvic Motion Or Turn Around Into Reverse Cowgirl. It Is Very Enjoyable For Our Lazy Asses If The Guy Moves His Hips Up And Down With A Slight Forward Motion (Strong Glutes Of Advantage!) And We Basically Just Have To Relax And Wait For It.

The Second Easiest Position For Penises With An Upward Curve Is Good Old Missionary But The Man Has To Lift His Upper Body Up, Away From The Woman. Create Space Between The Two Bodies And The More Space, The Better. Girls – You Can Hold His Chest With Your Arms Locked In Front Of You To Make Sure He Is Staying In The Right Angle. His Natural Response To Exhaustion Will Be To Fall Onto You But Don’t Let That Happen, It Will Change The Angle! I Know Its More Intimate If The Bodies Are Close But Its Not To Our Advantage.

Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl Or Anything From “Behind” Are Great For Straight Or Downward Curved Dicks Plus They Are Extremely Sexy Positions. I’ve Recently Experienced A Surprisingly Unexpected Flow Of Orgasmic Juice While I Was Lying Face Down… I Had Already Given Up Hope With This Tinder Date; Then It Happened With Me Lying On My Belly Like A Stranded Whale. A Single Dad Who Is Addicted To Strippers Had A Beautiful And Perfectly Straight Willy. I’d Already Heard The Proverbial Fireworks During Our Intercourse. So When He Turned Me Around And Made Me Squirt While Pushing His Dick Downward Right Against The Grafenberg (G-Spot) I Was Crying And Laughing With Happiness.

3. Get Out Of Your Damn Head, Girls!

The Woman’s Mind Has To Be Completely Free And Happy. She Has To Relax Her Usually Overactive Brain And She Has To Relax Her Vaginal Muscles. Let It All Go And The Fluid Will Flow. Only A Joyful Woman Can Squirt – Or At Least From My Experience, Only A Joyful Roxy Can Squirt. Physical Attraction And By That I Mean FULL ON LUST On Every Chemical, Physical, And Emotional Level Is A Big Help. Plus, Fucking Someone That You Really Want To Fuck Makes You Happy And Joyful, Right?

If You’re Fucking Someone That You’re Not Completely Attracted To It Helps To Focus On Yourself Instead And Get Turned On By Your Own Body And Its Movements. Use The Male Body Like You’d Use A Dildo, Imagine You Were Masturbating On Him, Through Him. That Works Too But It’s Not As Easy.

Get Out Of Your Head, Into Your Heart And Pussy And Enjoy The Ride (Literally And Figuratively), It’s ABSOLUTELY KEY -Let Me Stress That Again- TO NOT BE THINKING DURING SEX. This Is An Art That Can Take A Long Time To Learn. Yoga Has Helped Me A Lot In This Process, Opening My Mind, Being Present In The Moment, Talking About Sex To Take Away The Awkwardness And Taboo Associated With It And Most Importantly Having Lots And Lots And Lots Of Sex!

4. Physical Communication / Connection

I Have Found Out That I Squirt A Lot Easier And Faster, If The Guy Is Present And Connected To Me. If He Is In Tune With My Needs And Is Comprehending My Body Language. Non-Verbal Cues Such As Small Movements And Sounds Show Whether I Like Or Dislike Something. Eye Contact Is Such An Important Part As It Connects Two People Deeply, Eyes Are The Windows To Our Souls Right? If I Look At Someone That I Like And A Feeling Of Intimacy And Love Curates, Something Happens In My Body Energetically That Helps Me Reach These Mentally Relaxed And Emotionally Strong States In Which Squirting Comes Easy.

So Then, When All Of That (And I Know It’s All A Lot But Practice Makes It All Habitual) Is Given You Tilt Your Pelvis In The Right Way To Get That Angle, Relax Your Vagina, Turn Of Your Mind, Open Your Heart And Get Fucked Into An Ocean Of Bliss.