Raw Dirty Jungle Sex

A Few Weeks Ago I Ended Up Sitting At My Kitchen Table With A Few Friends At 1am On A Sunday Morning, Suddenly Confronted With The Memories Of The Times I Had Wild, Dirty, Sandy, Sweaty Jungle Sex.

Everyone In The Group Agreed That Its Most Favourable To Sleep With Someone Clean, Ideally Freshly Showered, Teeth Brushed, Shaved. Not Sweaty, Not Smelly. I Get It, I Agree. For The Most Part….

But There Are Those Rare Cases And Unfortunately, Not Many Of Us Will Ever Experience Them, Where You Sit Naked At A Waterfall, Tripping On Acid, Thinking You’re Some Kind Of Wild Jungle Cat. Maybe A Tiger.

And There’s The Man That You Met A Few Days Ago, Who Is The Most Beautiful Thing That You’ve Ever Seen In Your Whole Life – The Image Of Male Physical Perfection, An Adonis. His Beautiful Eyes Looking At You Like You’re The Most Desirable Woman In The World. You’ve Climbed Through And Played In The Jungle For Hours When You Reach The Top Of The Waterfall – The Garden Of Eden.

You Stare At His Muscles In Full Action As He Climbs Gracefully From Rock To Rock, The Strongest Lust And Desire To Create Your Own Waterfall Overcomes You.

And That’s The Moment When You Have Raw, Dirty Jungle Sex.

Your Bodies, Their Sweat, The Cool Soil, The Fresh Water All Merge Into One Sexy Explosion Of Lust And Orgasm. You Scream As Loud As You Can Because No One Can Hear You. You’re Free. You Cry, You Orgasm, You Love. Your Chest Feels Like It Will Explode. Your Vagina Literally Does.

When You’re Young And You Just Move To A Tropical Island, Refuse To Wear Shoes And Deny The Concept Of Capitalism. You Disconnect From All Rules And Conducts Of The Society You Grew Up In – Then You Are Surely At A Place To Have That Uninhibited Dirty Sex.

Or When You Decide, No Matter What Age, To Let Go Of All Conditioning For Once, Maybe Use Some Magic Drops Or Powders To Help You Turn The Manipulated Parts Of Your Brain Off And Go Wild. Inside And Out. That’s Also When It Can Happen.

But Those Moments Have To Be Consciously Initiated For Most Of Us Because As We Do Grow Up, Money Becomes The Major Driving Force Of Our Life And We’ve Had A Few STDs Or Scares Of Our Sexual Experiences And It Just Becomes Admirable If Not Necessary To Have Clean, Hygienic And Safe Intercourse. We Have Become More Or Less Responsible Grown Ups And We Have Responsible Grown Up Sex. Most Of The Time, At Least? Hopefully?

I Wonder What Happened To That Wild Jungle Girl, Totally In Love And Lust Not Caring About Anything But Love And Pleasure In The Wild Nature. She Was One With Nature – Literally.

Well I Think The Only Answer Is That She Is Neither In Love Nor In Lust And She Is Most Of All Not In Nature Anymore. But Take Her Back To Haad Why Nam And Bring Along One Of Those Adonises. Give Her A Drop Of Acid And I Promise She’ll Be Right Back And Screaming For Her Life.

So There’s Only One Difference Between Me And My Clean-Sexy Loving Friends Around The Table. I Have Lived In The Jungle. I Have Fallen In Love. I Have Taken My Clothes Off And Played Happily In Waterfalls, Tripped My Balls Off A Million Times And All Of That Opened The Door For These Wild, Strange Sexual Experiences. And That’s Why I Was The Only One In The Room Saying That There Is Another Side To Sex And There Is Nothing Better, More Satisfying, More Mind Blowing Than Having Raw, Dirty, Jungle Sex. But You Can’t Know, If You Haven’t Experienced It…