Awaken Your Inner Baubo!

I heard of the mysterious figure of Baubo for the first time in my early 20s when I read a book that every woman should read at least twice in her life, “Women Who Run With Wolves”. I was at the beginning of my spiritual and sexual awakening and this collection of short stories gave me great insight into what was happening inside of me (pun intended). It helped explain my past and gave me a better understanding of my role as a woman, particularly as a wild woman, in this world. The story that resonated with me the most was the one of Baubo, the Greek goddess of obscenity.

The story goes as follows: The Goddess Demeter had lost her daughter Persephone who’d been kidnapped by Hades, the God of the underworld. For years, she searched desperately for her daughter without success. Overwhelmed with grief she became tired and her last bit of hope started fading. At the lowest point of her life and close to giving up, a weird looking little character appeared. Baubo was clearly a woman but she had no head. Her eyes were placed on the tips of her big saggy tits and she talked through the enlarged lips of her vulva. Baubo recognised Demeter’s sorrow and started making obscene jokes which not only caught the grieving mother’s attention but made her smile as well. She joked about massive penises and then about tiny penises and Demeter suddenly broke out in laughter until her eyes were filled with joyful tears. The women bonded and Baubo was able to lift Demeter up, so she could continue her search and eventually with the help of Zeus found a way to be reunited with her daughter.

I have always been an obscene girl, liking the inappropriate, sexual jokes. I was and am the one among my friends that would always somehow lead the conversation to one topic, my favourite topic; sex. From an early age, I realised the healing properties not only of the act of sex but of talking openly about it. Not only does the conversation help with questions and insecurities, it can also simply be fun, joyful, and funny.

The joy felt when joking about sex, being obscene and inappropriate, this is Baubo!

She reminds us to be sexy and laugh, have fun and not take anything too seriously. She encourages the positive force of female sexuality – which is all in one: obscene and strong, inappropriate and direct, loving and sensual and caring, all at the same time. It is one of the most beautiful energies I know which is why I want to encourage every woman to feel all aspects of it and step out of the limitations that society has put upon us for so long.

I hope this website will make you feel and recognise Baubo in you, explore your sexuality in new ways but also and most importantly, make you laugh and have fun!